HD keyboard picture


Weight: 16.3 kg
Polyphony: 128

In the process of making sense of the following data

control interfacenumber of keys88
Tags: _cnt, keys_cnt, t_int
control interfacetypeGH keyboard
Tags: type, t_int
control interfaceinitial touchYes
Tags: touch, t_bool
voicestone generating technologySCM (Spectral Component Modeling) + AWM2
Tags: t_int
effectsreverb11 types
Tags: reverb, t_int, t_bool
effectschorus9 types (46 presets)
Tags: t_int, t_bool
effectsmaster compressor1 type (7 presets)
Tags: t_int
effectsmaster eq3 bands
Tags: t_int
effectsinsertion effect62 types (226 presets) _ 2 Parts
Tags: t_int
performancesuser128 * Performances 65 to 128 are identical copies of Performances 1 to 64.
Tags: t_int
Tags: t_int
Tags: t_int
connectivityfoot switch[SUSTAIN] and [ASSIGNABLE] FOOT SWITCH jacks
Tags: connectivity, pedal
connectivityfoot controller1 jack
Tags: connectivity, t_int, audo_in_out, pedal
connectivityusb[TO HOST] and [TO DEVICE] USB terminals
Tags: connectivity, t_bool, usb
othercontrollersPitch bend wheel, Modulation wheel, Part slider _ 2, [MASTER VOLUME] dial, Data Dial, MASTER EQUALIZER slider _ 3
Tags: t_int
otherdisplay40 characters _ 2 lines, Character LCD with back-light
Tags: t_int, display
songsrecording function-
Tags: recording, t_int

Original url: https://uk.yamaha.com/en/products/music_production/synthesizers/cp_series/specs.html