HD keyboard picture


Weight: 5.0 kg
Polyphony: 32

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control interfacenumber of keys61
Tags: _cnt, keys_cnt, t_int
control interfacetype-
Tags: type, t_int
control interfaceinitial touchYes
Tags: touch, t_bool
control interfaceaftertouchNo
Tags: t_bool
control interfacepitch bendYes
Tags: pitch, t_bool
control interfacemodulationYes
Tags: t_bool
control interfacecontrol knobsKnob x 4
Tags: dj, t_int
control interfaceothersData Dial x 1
Tags: t_int
control interfacetypeGraphic LCD
Tags: type, display
control interfacesize320 x 240 dot
Tags: t_int
control interfacebacklightYes
Tags: t_bool
control interfacecontrastYes
Tags: t_bool
voicestone generating technologyAWM2
Tags: t_int
voicesmulti timbral capacity16 parts
Tags: t_int
voicesware rom capacity70MB (when converted to 16-bit linear format)
Tags: t_int
effectsreverb25 types
Tags: reverb, t_int, t_bool
effectschorus30 types
Tags: t_int, t_bool
effectsmaster eq5 types
Tags: t_int
Tags: t_int
songsnumber of songsPreset: 3 songs, User: 5 songs, USB: 400 songs maximum
Tags: _cnt, recording, t_int
songsnumber of tracks8 + 8 (Pattern track)
Tags: _cnt, t_int
songsnumber of arpegioPreset x 213 types
Tags: _cnt, t_int
songsnumber of pattern168 patterns (x 4 sections)
Tags: _cnt, t_int
songsnote resolution96 ppq (parts per quarter note)
Tags: t_int
songstempo11 - 280 BPM (Beats Per Minutes)
Tags: tempo, t_int
songsrecording functionReal time replace
Tags: recording, t_bool
functionsnumber of performances8 banks x 8
Tags: t_int
storage and connectivityfoot controlFOOT CONTROLLER
Tags: connectivity, t_int
storage and connectivityfoot switchSUSTAIN
Tags: connectivity, t_int, pedal
storage and connectivitymidiMIDI IN/OUT
Tags: connectivity, midi, t_bool
storage and connectivityusb to deviceUSB (TO DEVICE)
Tags: connectivity, t_int, t_bool, usb
storage and connectivityusb to hostUSB (TO HOST)
Tags: connectivity, t_bool, usb
accessoriesothersOwner's Manual, Supplied Disk (supplied DAW software)
Tags: accessories

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