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Weight: 5.1 kg
Polyphony: 32

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control interfacenumber of keys61
Tags: _cnt, keys_cnt, t_int
control interfacetypeOrgan Style
Tags: type, t_int
control interfacetouch responseYes
Tags: touch, t_bool
control interfacepitch bendYes
Tags: pitch, t_bool
control interfacetypeCustom LCD
Tags: type, display
control interfacesize92mm_32mm
Tags: t_int
control interfacebacklightYes
Tags: t_bool
voicestone generating technologyAWM Stereo Sampling
Tags: t_int
Tags: t_bool
Tags: t_bool
effectsreverb9 types
Tags: reverb, t_int, t_bool
effectschorus4 types
Tags: t_int, t_bool
Tags: dual, t_bool
Tags: t_bool
effectspanel sustainyes (in menu)
Tags: t_bool
accompaniment stylesnumber of preset styles135
Tags: _cnt, accompaniment, t_int
accompaniment stylesfeatured styles24 Arabic Styles, 23 Khaligi Styles, 17 Iranian Styles, 9 Greek Styles, 10 Turkish Styles
Tags: accompaniment, t_int
accompaniment stylesfingeringMulti
Tags: accompaniment
accompaniment stylesstyle controlINTRO, MAIN x 2, FILL-IN, ENDING
Tags: accompaniment, t_int
accompaniment stylesuser stylesStyle File Format
Tags: accompaniment
songsnumber of preset songs35
Tags: _cnt, t_int, voices_cnt
songsnumber of songs5
Tags: _cnt, recording, t_int
songsnumber of tracks2
Tags: _cnt, t_int
songsdata capacityApprox. 10,000 notes (when only "melody" tracks are recorded)Approx. 5,500 chords (when only "chord" tracks are recorded)
Tags: t_int
songsrecording functionYes
Tags: recording, t_bool
Tags: playback, t_int, format
songsrecordingNo (Original File Format)
Tags: recording, t_int
Tags: t_bool
functionstempo range32 - 280
Tags: tempo, t_int
functionstranspose-12 to 0, 0 to +12
Tags: t_int, t_bool
Tags: tuning, t_int, t_bool
storage and connectivityinternal memory373KB
Tags: connectivity, t_int
storage and connectivitymidiIn/Out
Tags: connectivity, midi, t_bool
storage and connectivityaux pedal1 Footswitch (optional)
Tags: connectivity, pedal, t_bool
amplifiers and speakersamplifiers2.5W + 2.5W
Tags: speakers, t_int
amplifiers and speakersspeakers12cm_2
Tags: speakers, t_int, speaker
accessoriesmusic restYes
Tags: accessories, rest, t_bool

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