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HD keyboard picture

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Weight: 1.9 kg
Polyphony: 128

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amplifiers and speakersamplifiers2 W x 2
Tags: speakers, t_int
amplifiers and speakersspeakers3 cm x 2
Tags: speakers, t_int, speaker
accessoriesincludedAC adaptor*, MIDI breakout cable, Owner_s Manual, Warranty* *May be included depending on your locale
Tags: accessories
voicesnumber of types5 Organ types
Tags: _cnt, t_int
voicesnumber of voices-
Tags: _cnt, t_int
keyboardnumber of keys37 keys
Tags: _cnt, keys_cnt, t_int
keyboardtypeHQ mini (High-Quality mini)
Tags: type
keyboardinitial touchYes
Tags: touch, t_bool
other featuresphrase looper-
Tags: t_bool
other featurestype-
Tags: type, t_int, display
connectivityusb to hostUSB (TO HOST)
Tags: connectivity, usb
connectivitytypeFOOT CONTROLLER: FC7 (optional) (to adjust the volume)
Tags: connectivity, type, pedal
connectivityhalf dumper-
Tags: connectivity, t_bool, pedal

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